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The first to let you know
These things cover the whole face, so
It also reduces the risk of infection

Secretary of  Defense, 
Walter Martos,
Health Minister
Victor Samora,

He suggested that such action be taken to regularize it
Adopt a health department bulletin.


From July 1
Face protection
Must use series

Primeros En Informarte
Estos objetos cubren todo el rostro y, por lo
tanto reduce el riesgo de contagio del
El Ministro de Defensa, #Walter martos, conto
que el ministro de Salud, Victor Zamora,
propuso tal medida que se oficializaria
mediante un comunicado del sector Salud.

Face Shield   ( PROTECTORES  FACIALES )     Price: Budge, Economic, Deluxe     1.  Qty   2. Commisson 1 - 3 % 

**Selection:   Style:                   (include Color selection)                     
                       Shield Material:   PET,    PC,     PVC ,                 (PET more clear than PVC, PC is more Durable) 
Anti-Fog:             Yes,   No.
Swivel:                Yes,   No.                                    (most are Swivel type... except Budget type FF01)
                       Edge Cladding:   without or with (Aluminum),    (Most without Cladding)     
                       with   Head cushing Pad:    Yes        
                       Label / Printing:                  Option

Packing:      _____  pcs per Carton,     Carton Size ________________,    Weight____ kg (Gross, Net) per Carton,
Qty:            total ______ pcs,     each Lot: _____ pcs.                Delivery Schedule ______ day
Wrap:         ______ pcs  with one thin plastic film wrap.              Export Port: ____________

**Providers Pleasse prepare.... as below:
price, delivery time, incoterm, payment terms
,Bank account,  technical data sheet, images and any presentation of the product,
<>documents such as fda, ce, iso, license of export,  dimensions and weights

 Requested By:  Date: ____ ,   Tito (for DrC-FM) , Importer.... MS or GJ?,                    Date: ____ , Requested By:  Jorge    , Importer.... GJ?

 Quoted By:         Neal   _6-30_FF01 - FF05__

 No. FF01, Protective-PET    (no Swivel)

No. FF02, Anti-Fog-PET   

No. FF03, High-Qualtiy-Anti-Fog-

No. FF04,  no anti Fog,  no Cladding

No. FF05, anti-Fog, Alu-Cladding